Company Profile SAMAPLAST AG: Your partner from idea to market maturity SAMAPLAST AG develops and manufactures precision parts and assemblies made of all types of plastics. We are specialising in cleanroom production of medical parts and implants including final packing and sterilisation. Competent development- from the beginning Our qualified and flexible engineers are on hand to quickly realise your ideas and bring them to the market – with many years of experience and supported by state-of-the-art development tools. Precision Tool - consistent quality for years The precision and perfection of injection moulding tools ensure the high quality reproduction of the injection moulding parts. Our highly motivated team of workers, along with the most modern of proven technology, ensure that we reach the imposed quality standards. Cleanroom production – a matter of trust In two GMP-conform cleanrooms of ISO-category 7 (in operation) according to EN ISO 14644 for production and follow-on operations we utilize a hygiene-monitoring. The final cleaning of your medical products is done in our ultra-pure washing maschine with sluice function from the cleanroom of production to the GMP cleanroom. Injection Moulding Department - optimal products Thermoplastic materials and other plastic components from micromolding up to 1000g can be processed and produced in most modern micro-processing injection moulding maschines. Many years experience with processing hight temperature plastics such as PSU, PPS, PEI, PEEK and absorbable materials are our strength. Further Processing – we have the know how We deliver the finished market product and take over any reworking such as assembly, printing, laser inscription, ultra sonic welding, adhesive bonds, mechanicel processing, washing of décolletage-and plastic parts, final packaging (ISO11607), sterelisation and labelling. Quality Culture – we guarantee highest quality An optimal and efficient structure, perfectly organised in according with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards only serves to support and continue to attain highest quality.