SALVIA medical GmbH & Co. KG SALVIA medical is one of the world's leading technology providers of devices for clinical ventilation and respiratory therapy. We develop and produce patient-friendly solutions. The highest priorities of our work are to ensure optimal treatment outcomes, simple and fail-proof operation, and maximum comfort for patients and staff. The beginnings of SALVIA medical Our company history began in the 1950s with sophisticated and complex measurement and control technology solutions for a wide range of applications. Our first products included control technology components for dialysis devices and for aircraft refueling.

The synchronization of patients and machines took a higher priority as intensive care ventilation increasingly became a standard medical procedure. SALVIA medical had the control technology expertise to develop optimal solutions. This opened up a new business arena for our company, which would ultimately become our exclusive specialization. Our products, our strengths The name SALVIA medical has always stood for targeted innovation to benefit customers and patients alike. Our products represent milestones in the history of intensive care medicine, for example the pediatric intensive care ventilator Beta 160, the anesthesia ventilator Cirrus Transvent, the intensive care ventilator centiva, the respiratory therapy devices Inhalog 1 and alpha 101, or the CPAP device F120. The range of applied technologies includes state-of-the-art processes as well as devices for all modes of application.

Our portfolio includes neonatal ventilators, anesthesia ventilators as well as ventilation and respiratory therapy devices for intensive care. Global presence As an OEM partner, SALVIA medical develops and produces ventilators and respiratory therapy devices for major global medical technology corporations. However, devices sold under the company's own name play an increasingly important role in the German and Asian market as well as in India. Nevertheless, SALVIA medical is and will remain "made in Germany." We are fully committed to our business location in Germany that supports our company's strengths: our pooled scientific and technological research and development expertise as well as production quality that meets the highest standards.