The Sage Group is a leader in the provision of transactional and strategic advice to healthcare and life science companies. 

The Sage Group provides insightful analysis and strategic recommendations to help clients reach their strategic goals and objectives, usually one or more transactions, and we work diligently and intelligently with our global network to close these deals.

We are “Strategic Transactionalists” who have a keen understanding of what it takes to define and implement strategy in a highly competitive marketplace.

The Sage Group is an organization of experienced and successful executives who are committed to the service of the very vital and dynamic health care industry and its investors.

The Sage Group is located in the USA, Europe, Japan, Israel and Australia.

The Sage Group's principals have been Founders, Chairmen, Presidents, CEO's and COO's of a number of emerging health care companies. These principals have also held senior level management positions in large multi-national organizations. The Sage Group's principals also have extensive experience in providing professional management consulting services to healthcare industry clients. All these experiences are being applied by The Sage Group to assist industry participants in these challenging times.

The Sage Group differs from other consulting and service groups in several ways. First, our services are provided directly and exclusively by the principals. Our philosophy is "hands on," "close in" and accountable. Sage Group clients get more than final reports - they get results. Also, when our role calls for it, we become an active part of the client management team.