About us Safetran, a professional hematology therapy platform and service provider, a spin-off company of smile Group Corp in 2008, is committed to be a first-class provider of safe and high quality blood application system such as transfusion related products. Safetran strives to optimize blood transfusion quality, enhance safety and reduce side effects by supplying high quality products and services built on the most secure transfusion platform. Safetran provides a range of state-ofthe- art products for: Transfusion: Leukocyte-reduction: Filter sets reducing leukocyte up to 4 log to minimize transfusion reaction. Blood components Apheresis Plasma collection for fractionation industry: Automatic device and disposables for plasma collection. Regenerative medicine: Phoenix PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) collection system: Autologous, Fully automated, Closed system, Programmable with highly concentrated PRP collection system.