Profile & Mission S.I.E.M. SRL has its offices in Piacenza, a small Italian town placed 50 Km in the south of Milan in one of the most important industrial and agricultural districts of the north of Italy. S.I.E.M. SRL started its activities in the medical sector in 1993, by exploiting previous experience in medical device design of its founders. Originally, we produced some types of electronics devices deputed to the management of the medical room of the road ambulances and to the distribution of the medical gas (oxygen) for the road ambulances. We introduced our first emergency and transport ventilator (Breath Leader M1000) on the Italian market at the end of 1994.

On the Italian Market our Customers are some of the main manufacturers of ambulances and some of the main public and private emergency organizations. Since 1996 we operate on the international market with a specialized distributors network and our company has become a member of the Piacenza’s Exporters Consortium – CEPI ( that is the association, promoted by the local Chamber of Commerce and by the local Industrialist Association of Piacenza, for the internationalization of the local industries. In 1998 our Quality Management System has been approved in conformity with the ISO 9001 international standard and in conformity with the EN 46001 European Quality Standard for Medical Devices Manufacturers. Since March 2003, our Quality Management System has been aligned with the international standards UNI EN ISO 9001 and UNI EN ISO 13485 (that replaced the EN46001 European standard). The current version (Orange Line) of our Breathing Aid 2001 (BA2001) emergency and transport ventilators have been introduced on the international market in the 2007. All the models of this ventilators family are CE marked in conformity with the European Medical Devices Directive EN93/42 and its following amendments and integrations. S.I.E.M. SRL, in 2003, was included in the NATO/OTAN’s providers accreditation system and all the BA2001 emergency and transport ventilators have been included in the Nato Stock Number (NSN) registration system.