Russian Society of Radiology (RSR) is the oldest and the only national society of Russian radiologists, nuclear medicine specialists, medical physics, radiographers, technitians and other specialists related to radiology, diagnostic and interventional imaging. It was founded in 1916. In period between 1991 and 2016 the name of the Society was Russian Association of Radiologists (RAR).

The Society unites local organizations of radiologists and nuclear medicine specialists from all regions of Russian Federation.

It has partnerships with several foreign radiological national societies ad non-radiological societies.

The major goals of the Society are development and improvement of all related medical specialities (first of all, radiology), education and training in field of diagnostic and interventional imaging , development of standards and guidelines, promotion of radiation safety, protection of medical specialists, international contacts.

RSR is a member society of ESR.

The Society has annual 3-day congresses timed to the date of the International Day of Radiology.

We have over 1800 active members.

RSR is registered as a national non-profit public organization and we are governed by our members according to the Statues.

The current President of RSR is Prof. Valentin SInitsyn (elected in 2016, the term expires in 2020).


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Sadovnicheskaya ul., 1st floor, room III-6, 72/1
+7 495 9424020

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