The company Ruediger Anatomie was founded 30 years ago with the intention to supply students with the best possible products to understand human anatomy. At that time the only way to do so was to supply real bone skeletons and skulls. Since then a lot of things have changed in plastic-technology. It was no longer necessary to sell morally doubtful real bone material. That is why we changed our philosophy and started producing the finest plastic-skeletons you could imagine.

From the first step to the last finish - every single part of the skeleton is done by hand and inside our company. Our intention is quality - not quantity. Please compare for yourself: Ruediger-Anatomie-Skeletons means high quality at affordable prices. You won’t find anything better. To understand - the Ruediger-Anatomie-skeleton-quality What do you need skeleton material for? Maybe you have to learn the functions of the human body or you want to show them to your students. Always the reason will be to understand human anatomy. For this reason it is not enough to buy a plastic-skeleton-model that includes every important bone of the body.

Furthermore you need skeleton material that shows as many details in bone structure as possible. Only the most accurate and precise parts allow you to understand the human body. To reach this goal you can not deal with massproduction. To insure finest details of bony surface we count on perfect reproductions cast directly from specially selected natural human skeletons and on the utmost care in producing them. The results are skeltons that you will find hard to distinguish from a real bone skeleton.