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Company Profile About ROBOTSYSTEM ROBOTSYSTEM, s.r.o . is a highly creative research company specializing in designing new solutions and technology transfer in the field of mechatronics, service robotics, energetics, electro mobility and rescue and emergency technologies. Since 2015, it is expanding its research, engineering and operating team to convert a series of its own European and international patent solutions to novel market–oriented business plans. We solve large extend complex projects including complicated technologies and construction units in the above mentioned areas. Projects usually involve design, model and product documentation (3D model and drawing), prototype realization, functional testing and optimization. Our company cooperates with wide range of universities, R&D organizations and manufacturing companies both in the Czech Republic and abroad. Research and development activities: Research, development and implementation of service robotic system prototypes Research, development and implementation of mobile electric platform prototypes with high handling ability including implementation of robotic elements Research, development and implementation of locomotive prototypes including subsystems with wheel hub drives Research, development and implementation of special robotic prototypes in the field of transport devices in healthcare Products Solution area: Robotic transport and positioning systems in healthcare Product: Medical robot for transporting and rehabilitation in a system of bed – chair Product: Robotic stretcher - indoor / outdoor