Incorporated with the aim of designing and manufacturing state of art, yet competitively priced Diagnostics instruments, ROBONIK has been hugely successful in its twin objectives. Under stringent test conditions, Instruments meet and far exceed demanding international standards of technical excellence. Our dedicated team of design engineers and technicians coupled with sophisticated machines ensure a product high both in, quality and reliability. All the products are approved for CE Marking. Our design and manufacturing processes have been set to incorporate any changes in technical specifications.

This flexibility and simplicity in our approach has enabled us to design diagnostic instruments best suited to meet a wide spectrum of user requirements. Having continuously invested in development of products, now ROBONIK manufactures for more than 10 companies around the world under OEM agreement Keeping Customer satisfaction as the utmost factor, our highly qualified customer support team provides technical support to the perfection. PRODUCTS INSTRUMENTS A) BIOChemistry 1) Automation - Random Access Analyzer AUTORA™ 2) Semi Automation --Prietest™ SMART ,Prietest™ TOUCH, Prietest COMPACT B) ELISA ELISA Plate Readers READWELL TOUCH,ELISA Plate washer Washwell Plate , Strip Readers and washer Shakers -Readwell™, Washwell™ C) Coagulation Semi Automation - EasyClot™, Fourclot™ D) Urine analyser - URICHA™ REAGENTS A ) Clinical Chemistry Reagents ...Prietest™ B) Coagulation....Prieclot™PT ,APTT C) Urine strips..URICHA 10™ D)Latex Particle Enhanced turbidimetry Immunoassay ASO ,CRP and RF Prieturb™ Please visit our booth 3C83 for demonstration of Innovative System to Test HbA1c, CRP, RF and, ASO in a cost effective Way Key based smart system with triple advantage No calibration required Complete Biochemistry analyser Integrated innovative smart system Advantage with this concept is a) Calibration data is inside the key. Hence user not required to run calibration, hence saving of time and cost . b) It designed on Standard biochemistry analyser-Model Prietest SMART. Since it is not dedicated machine, additional analyser is not required. c) Key also contains distributor name, hence other distributor cannot supply locked reagents.