Company Profile About us RMS Medical Products is a leading developer and FDA compliant manufacturer of portable medical devices and supplies for infusion and respiratory applications. We are ISO 13485 certified and our products carry the “CE” mark. Primary medical markets served include emergency-care, hospital, nursing home, and homecare. Our company’s visionary products include High-Flo RMS Subcutaneous Needle Sets, FREEDOM60 Syringe Infusion System, and RES-Q-VAC Suctioning System. High-Flo RMS Subcutaneous Needle Sets are designed to provide premium performance without a premium price. They are intended to produce less pain on insertion and greater patient comfort throughout an infusion. Although they are a smaller 26 gauge size, they allow a drug flow rate comparable with the rate from a larger 24 gauge needle. They are available in 6mm, 9mm and 12mm lengths, with sets available in single, double, triple, or quad configuration. The FREEDOM60 Syringe Infusion Pump provides a portable, high quality, self-powered, maintenance free delivery system for ambulatory, home and hospital use, delivering precise infusion rates and uniform flow profiles that provides consistent transfer of medication. The FREEDOM60 is a versatile, easy-to-use lightweight mechanical pump providing a cost-effective alternative to expensive electronic and disposable IV administration devices and may be used to deliver a wide range of infusion products including antibiotics, pain control, chemotherapy drugs, immune globulin, desferal, and cardiac drugs, among others. RES-Q-VAC is currently the market leader for portable suction devices, providing a complete suction system designed to remove fluids from a patient’s airway. The RES-Q-VAC consists of a hand-held manually operated suction pump, providing benefits in many markets, and is particularly effective in emergency settings. RES-Q-VAC incorporates features which eliminate the risk of contaminating healthcare providers during suctioning of a patient or afterwards during clean-up. RES-Q-VAC also is used by providers of emergency medical services, hospitals and other institutions as a backup when electrical systems fail. It enhances preparedness for natural disasters, and often is strategically placed to be readily available, such as on cardiac response carts. It is suitable for use on adult and pediatric patients. RMS Medical Products is located in Chester, New York, and operates globally with a consistent commitment to serving healthcare professionals and their patients.