RMD Instruments Corp

Endorse Company

Dynasil Products has a strong commitment to innovation and a successful track record of bringing technology to market. Founded in 1977 as RMD Instruments, Dynasil Products is now Dynasil Corporation's principle Products and Technology business unit and has been re-engineered to accelerate the pace of commercialization through organic programs, licensing and acquisitions. Using our proprietary Product Realization Process, we are building the foundation for enhanced product development, engineering and management capabilities for those technologies chosen for commercialization. Our collaboration with Dynasil's research business, Radiation Monitoring Devices, will continue to prove an important source of new technologies with commercial potential. RMD and Dynasil Products are working closely together on the evaluation and development of future product opportunities. Additionally, Dynasil Biomedical's technology portfolio, acquired in March of 2011, has been incorporated into the Dynasil Products' pipeline for further development.