About Rigel Medical Helping to keep medical industries safe Rigel Medical is part of the Seaward Group - a market leader in industrial and biomedical test and measurement solutions. The company's established reputation for product innovation and technical expertise reflects its knowledge and understanding of the market and ensures the superiority of its products. Rigel is one of the longest established brand names in the industry with its origin dating back to the 1970's.

Designed by the Liverpool Hospital University, rigel launched the world's first IEC 601 electrical safety analyser, known as the Rigel 8001 Liverpool Safety Tester. Following the introduction of the IEC 601 standard for the design and development of medical equipment, Rigel continued the development of innovative biomedical test equipment with the launch of the Rigel 233 Electrical Medifal Safety Analyser in the 1980's. The Rigel 233 soon became the world's leading safety analyser with satisfied customers covering most continents. The early 1990's and the HEI 95 With the UK's introduction of the HEI 95, a dedicated guideline for the acceptance testing of medical devices, the Rigel 244 was launched in the early 1990's. Also known as the Rigel HEI 95 tester, it soon became synonymous with fast and efficient safety testing. The mid 1990's and the Rigel 255 The Rigel 255 was introduced during the mid 1990's in answer to the increasing demand for traceability and data storage. The Rigel 255 was the world's first electrical medical safety analyser combining automatic test sequences with internal memory, graphics display, integral QWERTY keyboard and built-in printer. The year 2000 and the Rigel 266 Rigel introduced the Rigel 266 in 2000, respecting the success of the Rigel 233/244. The Rigel 266 was and continues to be the world's most compact full IEC 60601-1 Electrical Medical Safety Analyser. Combining full 25A earthbond capability with high accuracy leakage measurements, meeting the IEC 60601-1 requirements, the Rigel 266 has become one of the leading portable Electrical Medical Safety Testers. Today, the Rigel 266 continues to provide a unique balance between full IEC 60601-1 test capability and portable ergonomic housing. With the recent launch of the Rigel 266 Plus, the compact IEC 60601-1 tester is set to serve for years to come. 2002 and the Rigel 277 2002 saw the introduction of the Rigel 277, portable Electrical Medical Safety Analyser. Combining a stylish and robust enclosure with the latest technology in test and measurement, the Rigel 277 was the world's first Medical Safety Analyser to provide full traceability using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology to allow fast and secure Asset Management).

The Rigel 277 is a stand-alone full IEC 60601-1 Electrical Medical Safety Analyser with built-in graphics display, fully integrated QWERTY keyboard and on-board printer. Innovative test sequences and the ability to fully control power-up and power-down delay times have given the suers the ability to reduce their test time by over 50%. A recent upgrade to the Rigel 277 provides the user with a dedicated IEC 61010 measuring device to test laboratory equipment. Rigel Medical continued its commitment to provide innovative and portable biomedical test equipment, with the introduction of the IEC 62353, a dedicated international standard for routine electrical safety testing, a new guideline aimed at making dedicated safety testing routines for medical equipment designed to IEC 60601. To meet the test requirements of the new IEC 62353, Rigel Medical launched the Rigel 288 portable Electrical Medical Safety Analyser in 2007. The Rigel 288 quickly became a benchmark analyser, combining a robust hand-held housing with full graphics display, full alphanumeric keyboard, large internal memory and bluetooth technology. Since its introduction, many international medical manufacturers have specified the Rigel 288 as their preferred tester for field service. 2008 and advanced technologies In 2008, a new era started for Rigel Medical with the introduction of hand-held functional testers and simulators including NIBP (BP-SIM) and SP02 (SP-SIM) simulators. New concepts are being offered to customers wanting ease of use and flexibility when testing "in the field". Rigel continues its product development with the introduction of a new ventilator tester and electro surgical analyser, the Rigel 377 with colour user-interface and fast testing options, making testing of diathermy machines faster, easier and safer. With the new "total solution" offers from Rigel Medical, including the new and unique Med-eKit portable biomed test kit, we continue our commitment to making life easier and more effective.The fully configurable biomed test kit will ensure test equipment is securely, easily and safely transported to and from the test site. We at Rigel Medical are dedicated to reducing your test time and increasing your flexibility in an ever increasing demand for cost savings. For more information on our current product offering and to find out about the latest developments, register for our free E-Pulse newsletter.

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