RfQ-Medizintechnik GmbH & Co. KG RfQ - OUR NAME IS OUR PROGRAM "RfQ " reads ‘R enz f or Q uality’ which is our company name and it is also our program in the Medical market. It means an ISO-Certified, quality-controlled manufacture and marketing of Medical equipment and Surgical supply which does fulfill or own high quality standards and the expectations of our domestic and international partners and customers.

Today, looking back on a 66-year story of success the RfQ company is well-established in the medical field and willing to take on surgical challenges more than ever. In addition, the long history of the company going through good and rough times has allowed to gain all kinds of experience of immeasurable value. This experience is the stock and fundament for being optimistic about mastering the future in terms of technical requests and financial obligations. Not least this achieved platform may allow to follow the ambitious vision of ”RfQ setting quality standards for the future”.