About us Rextra Ltd. was founded in 1990. With its sales network consists of 25 shops we are a significant medical equipment distributor in Hungary. We offer more than four thousand different items, including medical equipment, various office products, furniture to GP’s consulting rooms, and to hospitals, and expendable goods. Our policy is to make all the items available to our customers in one place at the most competitive price level. All our items are CE marked which maintenance and after sales activity in the warranty and after the warranty period are carried out by our company. Rextra which owns the latest ISO 9001:2008 approval offers any medical item to its customers with the best price to value ratio. Most of our products are available with immediate delivery from our warehouse. Rextra sells products of internationally well-known companies such as – among others – KaWe, Riester, Heine, Metrax, F.Bosch, Soehnle (Germany), Fazzini, MIR, FIAB, CBM, Cardioline (Italy), Tuttnauer (Israel), Performance Health (USA), Humagen (USA), Smith Medical (England), Lode (Netherlands), Rossmax (Taiwan). Our qualified personnel in our shops are at our customers’ disposal. They also give professional advice to our clients based on their needs. Almost all the hospitals in Hungary are our clients and we sell also to private consulting rooms and clinics, GP’s, local and foreign companies, schools, universities and to private persons, too. Thanks to our customers’ trust and confidence we could establish a product line and offer such a package to all the members of our health system that might contribute to a more safe and higher standard medical attendance.