Company Profile ReSkin Medical ReSkin Medical NV. is a Belgian company, specialized in the development and production of new innovative wound dressings. Together with the University of Gent we developed a new high tech silicone dressing which could be the perfect solution for thens of thousands of potential users/patients such as elderly people with increased risk of skin tears, people with a skin at risk ( fragile skin ) and people with an increased risk of skin irritation ( blisters). The dressing also support wound healing of superficial wounds. Product description: Our new silicone dressing differs from all kinds of other (silicone ) dressings thanks to a combination of two unique features - super-soft silicone adhesive - bi-elastic top layer; elastic in the length and in the newly formed tissus stays intact and dressing changes are painless. - supports the moist wound healing - easy to use; the dressing can be used as an primary or secondary dressing The silicone dressing produced by ReSkin Medical NV. is available in different sizes and versions depending on applications. We can offer a sterile line for the medical market segment ( hospitals, nursing homes, home care) and a specialized line for the OTC market ( pharmacies ). We would like to inform you that our OTC portfolio is optimized to prevent and cure blistering (fe. when using new shoes) or to prevent and cure all kinds of skin irritation. It can also be applied on small superficial wounds such as cuts, brazes,.... Intended use: • Skin at risk and aging skin ( prevention of skin tears) •Blisters •Skin tears • Eczema, prurigo to relieve itching • General wound healing of superficial wounds such as bed sores,... • Intertrigo Production method: We developed a special technique to coat a knitted or non-woven fabric on one side of the fabric. If you release the perforated substrate from the liner you will see that a part of the adhesive stays on the liner (there where you have the holes in the perforated substrate) and the other part is staying on the substrate. We have already copied this technique on a lot of other substrates. Search for Partnerships We are looking for strong partners to distribute the product into the; • pharmacy market • drugstore market • medical market (wound care market) • sports market The product is an innovative, patented plaster/dressing with good turnover possibilities in both the consumer and medical market. Exclusivity in a distribution channel is negotiable. We can deliver the plaster/dressing under his own brand name, ReSkin, or as private label.