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We provide connectivity solutions that make it easy for consumers and healthcare organizations to securely exchange information. In keeping with this objective, all of our solutions are designed to work on an open network for simple electronic system start-up or add-on solutions in the future. Why is this goal so important to who we are as a company? First, it reflects our belief that a streamlined and healthy exchange of information is better for everyone touched by the nation's healthcare system — from patient to payer and everyone in between. Second, it reflects both who we were as a company and who we want to be.McKesson Corporation created RelayHealth in 2006 to simplify how the business of healthcare is managed while making the delivery of care safer and more efficient. To accomplish this objective, McKesson acquired best-in-class companies with a focus on providing connected healthcare systems and solutions. This strategy gave RelayHealth a broad range of solutions and experiences from which to draw, and the unique advantage of bringing on board industry leaders with 20 years of healthcare information technology experience.Looking forward, we remain focused on one thing: connectivity. As more and more of our nation's healthcare system goes electronic, we plan to continue to meet challenges and opportunities alike through an open network that supports future growth through interoperability among all organizations, systems and solutions.