Rehab Seating Systems Inc

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Rehab Seating Systems (RSS) is a manufacturer of specialty medical seating serving five market segments; orthopedics, bariatrics, patient transportation, multi-purpose chairs, and home rehabilitation. The company office is located in Brookline, MA and the manufacturing facility is in Clinton, MA. The company is privately owned and was incorporated under RSS in 1995 but has been in business since the late 70s under a different name. RSS has chairs placed in over 1,000 hospitals, including many of the most prestigious orthopedic and bariatric programs in the USA.All RSS products revolve around a simple core concept i.e. the combination of seat height, a retractable footrest and the E-Z Grip armrests. High seats are important during the post-operative phase of hip replacement surgery. The Ascender orthopedic line comes with a patented retractable footrest that facilitates entry and exit from the chairs (the important Sit-to-Stand Maneuver). Using seat cushions of different thickness and adjustments to the footrest mechanism, the chairs can accommodate a wide range of patient heights. Additionally, the chairs are available in three standard widths to allow patients of various girths and weights to comfortably fit into the chair. RSS is the only company with seating that offers this clinically significant combination of features to serve a wide array of orthopedic, bariatric and other mobility challenged patients.