Rehab-Robotics Company Ltd. Rehab-Robotics is a Hong Kong-based company founded in Oct 2010. Our company focuses on the research and development of advance technologies in rehabilitation profession to help patients achieve maximum recovery outcome. We dedicate to provide integration of robotics into patient’s training activities of daily living, continuous education and professional support. Rehab-Robotics has already achieved ISO 13485 compliance for over 3 years and obtained the CE Mark in 2012 for Hand of Hope system, the main product developed by our company. In the same year, Hand of Hope won the Grand Prix Award at the 40th International Exhibitions of Inventions of Geneva, which represents the highest honor in the event and was the first time awarded to a Chinese company. Our employees encompass a broad range of disciplines with expertise in biomechanics, electrical, mechanical and materials engineering. We have experienced therapists that work closely with production and software development teams. Rehab-Robotics Company Ltd, as a manufacturer, has accessed into the worldwide market through rehabilitation distributors from Europe, America and Asia Pacific, and we are continually exploring the international market.

Unit 307, 12W Building Phase 3 12 Science Park West Avenue,
Hong Kong
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