The end of 90s. and the beginning of the XXI century was the time of the turn for the orthopaedic as well as rehabilitation branch on he territory of Poland. Up till then, orthopaedic branch was the marginal part of polish medicine but the patients needs were getting more and more noticeable. That is why, Slawomir Wronski gave the beginning of the modern factory of orthopaedic devices REH4MAT in 2006. Slawomir Wronski – the main originator and designer of REH4MAT devices – takes care of each detail. He realizes that the quality and the feeling of comfort are for our patients tremendously essential. Being the founder as well as the owner of similar companies and factories from orthopaedic branch such as Akces-Med or Orto-Res, Slawomir Wronski develops this field for years achieving successes.