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Reflexonic Reflexonic, Innovative Urological Solutions is a Maryland based FDA and ISO 13485 urology medical device manufacturer of the Viberect® and Pelvic RX®. Our penile (pudendal)vibratory nerve stimulation systems are approved worldwide for ED treatment, ejaculation disorders and orgasmic dysfunction. Our products are related to urology, spinal cord injury equipment, sexual medicine, infertility, urinary incontinence, pelvic floor therapy, prostate cancer, and rehabilitation . Viberect and Viberect X3 are the most powerfulmedical vibrators in the world with more than 30,000 users in less than 3 years in the market. They are the only vibratory stimulation devices approved by US FDA for treatment of ED and ejaculatory dysfunction. Please visit the Maryland booth to discover our new & revolutionary "Erection Recovery Program" with Viberect and Pelvic RX, to assist millions of men safely and naturally restore and preserve their sexual and urinary health without drugs or invasive treatments. FDA and CE certified. We are seeking new opportunities for distribution. Visit our website at for more clinical information and exciting clinical trials. Erection is a Nerve-Generated Vascular Event Over 40 million men experience erectile dysfunction due to many medical and psychological conditions including diabetes, high blood pressure, heart/vascular disease, depression, alcohol/drug abuse, smoking, pelvic surgery and side effects of medications. Erection = Nerves + Blood Flow + Pelvic Muscle Strength In order to obtain a successful erection and adequate firmness for sexual intercourse, the nerves, blood flow and pelvic muscles must work in great harmony, or at least one component must work harder to compensate for the deficit of the other one or two parts. Now there are two cutting-edge therapies - the Viberect medical device and the Private Gym Pelvic Exercise Program- that stimulate the nerves that produce erections and strengthen the muscles that maintain erections. Erection Recovery Is a "Dynamic Process" This process requires motivation, spousal support, patience, willingness to take advantage of natural pro-erection pathways already established in our bodies, including nerves, muscles and vessels.The Science Behind Viberect® Viberect® is a hand-held vibratory medical device with precise frequency and amplitude of vibration to activate millions of nerve antennas on the surface of the penis. Viberect safely and painlessly stimulates pudendal nerve receptors on both sides of the penis that communicate with critical centers in the brain and spinal cord responsible for erection, rigidity, ejaculation, orgasm and state of well-being. In simple terms, Viberect "turns on" the erection signal to the brain. Clinical Applications: Treatment of mild to moderate erectile dysfunction, post prostatectomy erectile rehabilitation, spinal cord injury ejaculatory dysfunction, male urinary incontinence, retarded orgasm. poor rigidity. Our erection recovery program is a natural and effective alternative to oral ED medication for millions of men who desire to restore and improve their sexual health. Products: Viberect (Erection Version) Viberect X3 (Spinal cord injury version)-for ejaculation Pelvic RX - structured FDA registered pelvic floor exercise program for men. Visit Downloads: ERP-Medica.pdf