About us The REAGENS Co. Ltd. was established on 1 December 1990 for the development, production and marketing of haematologic reagents. The persons skilled in the art of the Company are those, who have been dealing with the development of reagents to haematologic automatic devices for the longest period of time in Hungary and with their production based on quality assurance. They played the role of pioneers in the marketing of pro-environmental reagents. The ORKI issued a certificate in 2006, according to which the quality assurance system of the REAGENS Co. Ltd. based on the requirements of the standard MSZ EN ISO 9001:2001 and MSZ EN ISO 13485:2004 was appropriate. As a result of the continuous intensive development in technology and products, the REAGENS Co. Ltd. is the only firm in Hungary that is conserving red blood cell for blood group serologic purposes. The company is conserving, packing and marketing the test, screening and panel cells of the National Blood Transfusion Service. It is market leader in this sphere of the blood serology market. It has a very significant market share of blood group serologic auxiliaries, too. Some products in this field: lyophilised active papaine, ready-for-use bromeline, washing LISS, additive LISS and PBS can be stored at room temperature. In order to be able to satisfy its clients requirements as perfectly as possible, the Company is marketing the products of several foreign firms, too. The Company's clientele is getting bigger year by year and it introduces new products of its own development on the market every year.