Company Profile About us Qosina is a leading global supplier of thousands of stock components to the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Our extensive inventory includes angiographic needles, applicators, bioprocessing components, catheter hubs, check valves, Colder Products CompanyÒ quick disconnect couplings, drip chambers, extension lines, forceps, gauze, hemostasis valves, instrument guards, kit components, luers, masks, ports, pouches, scalpels, single use stainless steel, spikes, sponges, stopcocks, swabs, syringes, torquers, trays, tuohy borst adapters, USP Class VI tubing and more. We offer same day shipment of complimentary samples. We can modify any existing component to meet your needs or build you new tooling to meet your exact requirement. Support your production requirements with just-in-time Kanban delivery from our huge inventory in our ISO 9001:2000/ISO 14001:2004 registered 50,000 square foot climate-controlled facility with Class 100,000 Clean Room. Qosina can provide Kanban replenishment service based on your real time need. Place a "blanket" Kanban order and let Qosina release your parts as you require them. This service can cut inventory levels, shorten production lead times, reduce required manufacturing space and ensure orderly material flow.