Qiangdao Likangyuan Medical Device co., Ltd (Hereinafter referred to as Likangyuan Company) is a high-tech company that specialized in the development, manufacturing and international/domestic selling of medical hygienic materials made of all-cotton cloth and high standard anti-static and dust-free cleaning products. The existing products include disposable medical dressing such as different sizes gauze, abdominal pad, medical bandage and collective packing for medical treatment, and various high standard anti-static and dust-free wiping cloths that used for the manufacturing and maintenance of such as precise instrument, optical instrument and other products in aviation industry and military industry.

Likangyuan Company adheres to its service principle as “win the market with quality and establish its brand with honesty”, it is focused on the market change and demands, and constantly improves its product quality and service quality. Likangyuan Company kept a foothold on high standard and the international standardized management. It strictly abides by the management requirements for PDA, CGMP and EN. It actively promotes and leads in international administrative standard, and established the integrated quality assurance system and already passed the quality certificates of ISO9001andISO13485 and CE certificate of EU.

The product quality conforms to the pharmacopeia standards of Europe, America, Japan and China. Likangyuan Company have established the GMP workshops with the clean level of 100,000, and constructed the international high standard physicochemical indexes lab and microbiological lab, which effectively ensured the reliability and stability of each process in the production.

Likangyaun Company strictly follows the European EN14079—2003 standard, and uses the harmless all-cotton materials, it bleaches the gauze with Switzerland chemical materials through oxygen bleaching and the bleached product is soft without residue. Likangyuan Company have invested a large amount of capital and technical strength in the research and development of gauze edge-fold, and the edge-fold technical craft, which ensures no thread residue on the gauze, and avoids the negative effect on the wound healing because of the thread residue in the use of similar products.