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OrthoAgility: Based on the Original CPM Device True, OrthoAgility offers a full line of lightweight, durable CPM devices for upper and lower limb CPM therapy. But they are not just any line. The OrthoAgility line is the latest generation of CPM devices based on the original, global-first CPM work of Dr. Robert Salter in 1978. With OrthoAgility, QAL Medical keeps Salter’s spirit of original thinking alive as we explore new ideas about CPM technology and design that deliver innovation in motion. Upper & Lower Limb CPM: How We Help Heal Motion’s the key to faster healing and better end mobility results. OrthoAgility’s Lower Limb CPM devices are anatomically designed to help knee, hip, ankle, and toe joints (all weight heal and to get patients back to full motion as quickly as possible.Our Upper Limb CPM devices help keep joints moving to prevent contractures, help regain the range of motion and get patients back to being as active as before. Single Source: More Complete Body Coverage With OrthoAgility, you can tap into the most complete line of CPM devices available from a single supplier. That means more complete body coverage. That means you don’t have to deal with the hassles of juggling multiple suppliers. Made for Patients, Designed for You OrthoAgility CPM devices are made to offer superior patient therapy; but they are also designed with unique features that make it easier, faster and less stressful for hospital staff to use them. Programming, applying devices to patients, lifting and transporting – we simplify those areas of CPM therapy that make your job more work than it has to be.