Nea International BV is a rapidly growing company active in the field of orthopaedic braces. Nea is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Macintosh Retail Group. Founded in Maastricht, the Netherlands, Nea International BV is a knowledge-based innovator with considerable experience in the development and manufacturing of orthopaedic braces and related services. Besides its own competence, knowledge and resources, Nea has access to the resources and expertise of a network of scientists, specialists and technicians from a variety of disciplines. Nea International is committed to maintaining competence in the field of treatment of joint injuries and chronic disorders. The start Development of Push braces and PSB Sports braces began in the mid-1980s because of the functional tape concept.

Today, the company has obtained various patents in the field of bracing. Nowadays, a substantial percentage of sales is spent each year on research and development. All products go through an effective development process. The indications received from the medical world are the springboard for this process. This makes Nea International a flexible organization that can respond quickly and efficiently to needs and changes in the braces sector. Quality standard Nea has always given high priority to quality issues. In 1995, it received the quality standard ISO 9001. Since continuous improvements are one of its strategies, Nea will continue its endeavours to improve quality and performance for all its products.

Since 1997, Nea International has met the conditions necessary to obtain the (European) CE mark. This means that the various claims regarding its products are carefully examined and approved. The sound structure of its research and development, in conformity with the ISO 9001 standard, ensures that new product reliability measures up to the latest expertise and experience of the orthopaedic world. This gives Nea International the fullest confidence in the functionality and durability of its products. Distribution Push and PSB Sports braces are distributed in 25 countries around Europe and beyond.

In each country, national distributors take care of the promotion and sales of the products. The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium are seen as the home market. Besides good coverage in Europe, Nea is expanding its activities to North America and Asia.