Company Profile PTW - Dosimetry Pioneers since 1922 PTW is a pioneer in dosimetry, recognized for its unparalleled quality and precision . Founded by a Freiburg university professor back in 1922, the company grew from a small backyard workshop to become the global leader for clinical radiation dosimetry and quality control equipment. Today, PTW offers the largest and most diversified product portfolio in the industry. Dosimetry and QA solutions by PTW, which include well-established brands, such as DIAMENTOR, Semiflex, Markus, Roos, UNIDOS or OCTAVIUS, have become the tool of choice for medical radiation experts and service technicians in over 160 countries worldwide. Throughout its history, the family-owned company has always been strongly committed to help making radiation treatments safer and more effective. It also operates one of the oldest and most active accredited secondary standard dosimetry calibration laboratories (DAkkS, SSDL) and has recently established the Dosimetry School to enhance the understanding and practice of clinical dosimetry. For more information about PTW, please visit .