PT Shamrock Manufacturing Corp.

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Shamrock - Your Perfect Partner in Hand Protections For more than a decade, Shamrock has been a trusted brand of Medical and Industrial Gloves, providing Quality, Comfort, Performance, and Protection. We take your protection seriously – by producing the finest gloves, and continue to strive to leaving a zero virtually carbon footprint. We accomplish this by planting thousands of new rubber trees each year on our plantations, and using bio-mass to fuel our energy needs, rather than burning coal or natural gas. Shamrock Manufacturing Company (SMC) is the perfect partner for your glove supply needs. We are a truly vertically integrated latex glove producer, growing our own in-house-developed hybrid rubber trees on 75,000 SMC-owned acres. Our trained workers tap, collect, centrifuge, age, and compound the field latex to produce our proprietary dipping solutions. SMC has 4 glove factories, powered by our own energy resources, on the Indonesian islands of Sumatra, Java, and Borneo, outputting 1.3 billion gloves per month. SMC offers a full line of competitively priced latex, nitrile and vinyl gloves for Medical, Industrial, Food Service, Automotive, Health & Beauty and Surgical applications. A dynamic, innovative, successful glove company, we are committed to environmentally positive manufacturing and consistent production of quality gloves.