What happens when you assemble the best minds in dental imaging and give them a clean slate? When you tell them to bring their expertise and leave the rules behind? When you move beyond high technology to achieve high thought? The result is a new kind of dental company focused on creating high quality, high value dental imaging products.

Progeny Dental was founded in 2001 and launched our first intraoral x-ray to the market in 2002. In 2003 we added intraoral cameras and digital sensor systems to our product line and in 2005 introduced the industry leading Preva DC x-ray system. Today, Progeny is the leading manufacturer of intraoral dental x-ray systems for veterinary and dental imaging markets.

In 2003 Progeny entered the veterinary market with the economical VetVision AC followed just three years later by the VetVision DC and the VisionDX Digital Sensor System. Our veterinary products are now sold throughout North America and Europe.


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Lincolnshire, IL
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