Company Profile About us PRO-MED is a family owned and managed premium supplier of german quality surgical instruments since 1978. Our high quality products for the surgical profession are successfully in use in over 50 countries ( as well as in research on earth and in space ).We offer more than 13.000 different items in 6 specialty catalogs. PRO-MED instruments are generally supplied in DULL NON-GLARE finish; they are supplied with our trade mark, Cat.-No. and date – lot code. Highest quality standards have madePRO-MED successful; they are the basis for the unconditional guarantee we offer for materials and workmanship. Over the last years these incessant efforts have resulted in an overall reclamation rate of less than 0,03% of the instruments sold (this even includes order/shipping errors). PRO-MED is a quality-certified company acc. to EN ISO 13485:2003 + AC:2009 and ISO 9001:2008 as well as EC-certificate (full quality insurance system) according to Annex II – excl. section 4 of council directive 93/42/EEC – medical devices. Our Mission: • to offer our customers worldwide the expertise and skill of 40 years experience in the field of surgical instruments • Build long-term relationship with our customers with a qualified and reliable service. • Reduce time-to-market product development • Innovate our products and manufacturing capabilities, to provide highest quality, yet cost-effective • Continuous development of our people-skills thus improving continuously in all stages of our activities. Our partnership with appr. 140 renowned manufacturers in the Tuttlingen region - each one a specialist in their domain (due to their outstanding skills often also suppliers to some of the greatest names in the industry) - gives our customers constantly the guarantee of the highest quality level crafted by highly experienced specialists in innovative facilities. All our instruments are produced with german steels according to ISO 7153. Numerous strict quality controls avoid problems before they arise - thus our extremely low reclamation rate.