Primasil Silicones Limited

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Company Profile Primasil Silicones Limited With over 30 years’ experience, it is likely that we have seen a requirement similar to your own, even if it is not within the medical industry, the technology is often transferable from automotive, aerospace, rail etc. If not, we are confident we have the expertise to satisfy your requirements. We are also working closely with surgeons, doctors and clinicians as well as OEM’s with innovative silicone over moulding onto various substrates, micro mouldings and platinum extrusions. We can provide both cleanroom and normal shop floor production to meet the needs of your medical device product, stage of the project and budget. Our tooling capabilities can move through the project too from initial rapid prototyping to full automation. We are a quality led company, which is reflected in our EN ISO13485: 2008 and ISO9001: 2000 accreditation. This approach enables our customers to place orders with the confidence that they will arrive on time, at the right quality standard. We can tailor material reports to our customer’s individual requirements with our in-house laboratory testing facility and also quality reports can vary in level of depth again according to customer’s demand – from a Initial Sample Inspection Report with full dimensions to Process Validation. Finally, our independence has commercial advantages for our customers. We are not constrained to use a specific raw material, which leads application specific formulations, rather than ‘best fit’ solutions. This also means more cost effective materials, and continuity of supply. We can provide our own in-house USP Class VI and FDA approved HCR silicones as well as medical LSR grades. We have technical expertise readily available in-house to discuss suitable materials for the medical device dependant upon the level of invasiveness and duration of implantation. For materials required for more than 29 days implantation please call the technical team to discuss. We have a dedicated medical team - call or email to see how we can help you with your project however big or small? About Us – Competitive Prices We understand that price is important to our customers. It’s simple – we must supply product to you at a price that is acceptable to your marketplace. If we do not, you don’t sell any products, and you don’t order any more products from us. Our first priority is developing a material that can meet the demands of your product. Because we develop and mix HCR silicone materials on site, we can repeatedly modify the formulation in a very short timeframe. This gives us an important competitive advantage over suppliers that rely on external suppliers of raw materials – the optimum formulation may take up to twenty attempts, and we do not pass these costs onto the customer! Where you the customer are unsure of the material Shore A hardness we can provide samples in various hardness in order for you to accurately determine the best fit. Next, we must develop a manufacturing process that can satisfy the forecasted volumes at the required quality, but remain within your tooling budget. The chances are that we have manufactured a product similar to yours in the past, and so have real world experience to hand. This reduces the possibilities of costly re-tooling and ensures minimum time to production. The stage of your project will determine whether we are looking at rapid prototypes or full automation. Whatever your requirements, we can develop a product at the price you need!