PRIM, S.A. PRIM, S.A. Prim, S A.’s Orthotic Supply Division focuses on the manufacturing and distribution of orthopaedic products. With premises of 6.000 square meters where more than 4.000 differents orthopedic products are manufactured, Prim S.A. offers to its customers a wide range of products satisfying the most demanding markets needs. More than 50.000 orders supplied per year, is the warranty that Prim, S.A. ‘s Orthotic Supply Division is one of the most important companies in the national and international markets. Nowadays, most of division business comes from orthopaedic products manufactured in our own plant in accordance with CE and International regulations, which design has been developed or improved by our internal R&D department. Our lines include products of the following categories: Neck orthosis: cervical collars, necks immobilizers and IMO. Spine orthosis: shoulder supports, Thoracic protectors, bands, back supports (semirigid, industrial, neoprene, ect.), hyperextension brace, corsets and TLSO. Upper limp orthosis: armslings, shoulder immobilizers, shoulder orthosis, clavicle immobilizer, epicondylitis straps, elbow supports, elbow brace, strapping, wrist braces, functional hand orthosis, plastics orthotics and dynamics fingers orthosis Lower limb: pediatric abduction spints (pavlik, SWASH, ect.), post-surgery hip abduction orthosis, patellar strap, knee braces, knee immobilizers, ROM Knee braces, genu recurvatum, thigh, claf and ankle braces, droop foot orthosis, walkers, pediatrics orthosis and ankles stabilizers Downloads: Prim company profile PRIM Company profile.pdf