Pressure Products

Endorse Company

Faced with the clinical problem of post-catheterization secondary hemostasis, Dr. Paul Kurth, an invasive cardiologist with significant experience in cardiac catheterization invented a unique pressure bandage, the HOLD device. This Hemostatic Occlusive Leverage Device (HOLD) was tested, deemed effective, and brought to the medical community.Along with his partner, Dr. Bruce Goldreyer, a clinical electrophysiologist and inventor, a series of successful medical devices followed. ClampEase was designed to assist with primary hemostasis and complement the HOLD device. Products specific to the area of cardiac electrophysiology came next. SafeSheath provided the first hemostatic introducer for pacemaker and defibrillator lead placement. Pocket Pal and Programmer Helper were designed to assist in the management of patients with implanted pacemakers and ICD's.