PracticeHwy Inc

Endorse Company, Inc. is a privately held healthcare software company based in Dallas, Texas. PracticeHwy offers innovative products and services that deliver vital, frontline reproductive science intelligence to drive successful outcome decisions and processes. The company was founded as a result of failure to force-fit a traditional EMR product in reproductive science setting. PracticeHwy's vision was to develop a comprehensive suite of products and services to accommodate the intricate challenges faced by RE clinicians. In October 2002, after a long period of beta testing at Boston IVF, PracticeHwy launched the first version of eIVF for general release. It was, and still continues to be, the only web enabled, fully customizable, Electronic Medical Records system, specific to reproductive endocrinology, in the marketplace. Currently PracticeHwy has over 20 customers in 12 different states—making eIVF the most commonly used EMR and Workflow Automation solution of RE industry in the United States.