PowerMedic ApS From day one, our overall objective has been to deliver technological solutions to relieving and curing illnesses in people and animals. The goal is to create tools that, in the hands of professional practitioners, can accelerate the natural healing process. PowerMedic was established in 1982 and we have been involved with the development and production of laser therapy devices right from the start. It is our opinion that the greatest inspiration for improvement and new development comes from the users of our products. Openness and responsiveness are therefore an integrated part of our pursuit of constantly developing even better products – in line with our vision: to accelerate healing and give people and animals a better life. A sales success since the 90's Professional practitioners worldwide love their PowerLaser with its unique and functional Scandinavian design. Quote from practitioner: “I carry the PowerLaser in my pocket all the time at the clinic. I use it on nearly all my patients. It is adjusted and ready to go within seconds. No dialing through endless menus. Only 3 power levels, from the superficial to the very profound. It can’t be any easier.” PowerMedic has more than 30 years experience in developing, manufacturing and marketing cold lasers, and we are determined to bring the very best of healing technology to the health care professional. We aim to support our distributors helping them become successful.