THE NEW WORLD OF POWER-TECH We appreciated very much your esteemed interest in our Keyboard Switch Products and would like to take this liberty to introduce our Company Profile herewith to you as to the follows: Power-Tech Keyboard Switch Co., Ltd. established in the 1986 as a leading manufactory located in the Asia Technology Center Taiwan in producing a full range of Membrane Keyboard Switch, Graphic Keyboard Overlay, Printed Circuit Board (PCB), Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC), Touch Screen Panel and Silicone Rubber Keypads etcs. are fully of custom- designed keyboards for our world-wide Customers. Power-Tech is a mid-sized factory has a well-trained working teams people of more than 300 full-skilled employees and plusing a group R & D Engineers in the State-of-The-Art Tech- nolgoy work on our production with more than decade of experience, our keyboard products will give you an entirely satisfaction to meet the demands in your development industry. Our factory has equiped with advanced machinery in full-automatic Silk Screen Printings, CAD/CNC Systems, Microscope, UV Conveyer Oven, Curing Oven Systems, Embossing-Press Systems, Infra-Red Oven, Circuit Open/Short Testers, Etching-Stripping Machines, Micro Colours Deviation Testers, Surface Clean Treatment Systems, Punch Press Systems, Peel Strength Testing Systems, a full Computerized Testing Analysis Systems etcs. with all these advanced equipements to make sure of a high level quality product for a long-term value to our customers. Power-Tech is continuously keeping progress to achieve the high tech experience from every stage in the industry and upgrade our quality with strict control in the testing during assembly and before shipping to make sure our each finished product in 100% of non-defect happened to the end users. Our business policy is based on the 3 principles of: LOW COST + GOOD QUALITY + FAST DELIVERY! With our honesty service to speed up your products in the design and develop- ment, we would like to give you a constructive technical support and practical assistance in the keyboards industries. In the coming year we will soon set up our China factory in Shanghai to expand our production for the increase requirements come from the world-wide markets, therefore, we belive that with our updated facilities, expanded our in-house research and development service, we are able to offer your needs in this respects. Perhaps at the moment you have current project need to build up a new keyboard switch or overlay, please do not hesitate to send us your art-work drawings by mail return for our quotation and with your first step contact, you will know why Power-Tech is the best of your choice to give us opportunity in working with you in this respects and prove our offer price and service will be of your interest. We look forward with great pleasure of serving you in an early day and assuring you of our best cooperation at all times.