About Pooyandegan Rah Saadat Co. SAADAT was established in May 1997. From the very beginning we were aware that producing in the field of medical equipment would require a powerful Research & Development team. As this product is directly related to the care of the patient, we rely on global authentic standards and achieve these through a thorough production and design process. Very soon we at SAADAT understood that to have good standing in the market we should equip ourselves with specialized, expert staff. We understand the importance of the relation between “Research, Production, and Customer “and we know that our products continuous promotion is due to strict regulation of the parts of this triangle. A lot of hard work went into entering into the global market; we needed to introduce SAADAT to the world. Presenting a high quality product, receiving global authentic standards and powerful technical support are our priorities. Now all of our international distributors acknowledge the SAADAT name is a guarantee of a product of high quality, and they are provided with a high standard of after-sale service. Pooyandegan Rah Saadat Co. No. 48, Daneshgahe Elmo Sanat St. Hengam Ave Resalat Sq. 16765-965 Tehran Iran Telephone: +98 21 77180630 Fax: +98 21 77180629 http://www.saadatco.com [email protected]