PolyMedics Innovations GmbH

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Company Profile DISTRIBUTOR PROFILE FOR DISTRIBUTOR SEARCH Who is PMI? PMI is a German company based near Stuttgart that specialized in certain niche areas of modern burn wound treatment. PMI has made the treatment of skin injuries its top priority – our goal is to improve wound care for patients, physicians and societies through innovation and collaboration. Product SUPRATHEL® SUPRATHEL® is an innovative skin substitute indicated for the treatment of dermal wounds. Successful use of the product has been demonstrated in the management of burns, abrasions, TEN and STSG donor sites. We are looking for distribution partners to help us with the world-wide roll-out of the distribution of SUPRATHEL® for the treatment of burns and chronic wounds. More information can be found on www.polymedics.de / www.suprathelu.com Who are our target groups? Physicians and nurses in Burn centres, Plastic surgeons, Trauma surgeons WHAT kind of distributors are we looking for? Our ideal distributor should have the following characteristics: Experience in the field of burns and burn wound care Excellent network in burns medicine Good contacts with plastic and trauma surgeons Solid, stable organisation with strong customer orientation Experience in the registration and marketing of medical devices class III in their country Trained sales reps dedicated to burns medicine Fit to PMI (not too big, not too small) Portfolio without directly competing products If you’re interested in the distribution of SUPRATHEL and if your company matches most of the criteria above, please contact [email protected] , and we will be in touch with you soon.