This website strives to provide you with information about the company and its products in the context of the all-American marketplace (North, Latin and South America). European specific information is provided on our website.

Plusoptix is a German based manufacturer of medical devices. All product development (hard- and software) as well as manufacturing is performed in-house at our Nuremberg, Germany headquarters. A North American sales and after sales service center is located in Atlanta, GA. In addition our company is represented in 60+ countries around the world by independent distribution partners.

Scientists around the world rely on PowerRef 3, a unique, 3rd generation successor of PowerRefractor. It’s an instrument to measure accommodation in spherical, convergence and pupil size changes in real time. Based on this state-of-the-art technology Vision Screening devices and Pediatric Autorefractors were derived first in 2004 and 2008 respectively. By keeping a focus on these three product lines Plusoptix has become technology and market leader in user and patient friendly ophthalmic measurement instruments.