latiuMed was born 30 years ago in Veneto, in the North-East of Italy, moving the first footsteps in the production of muscles stimulators.

The first products were manufactured in a small handcrafted fabric, showing anyway already avant-garde characteristics, safety and maximum effectiveness, so much to find an immediate success and allowing the Firm to reach quickly important shares of market with the range of branded articles KORAL SEIKO.

Today PlatiuMed is present in the most important international markets and it is a specialized Firm in the research, design and production of products for family use conceived for being sold exclusively through organizations of direct sale (door to door, tele-selling, home parties, organized trips).

Thanks to a permanent careful observation of the market in continuous evolution, PlatiuMed is able to offer at the right time the product, corresponding to the demands of the consumers in terms of quality, price, design, without neglecting the others variables as assistance, services, guarantee, that induce the consumer to choose a PlatiuMed’s product.