Company Profile Since 1915 PLASTOD has produced plasters and adhesive dressings. It has developed a specific and highly advanced know-how in its field, covering the most complete and updated range of plasters' application through a variety of types and compositions suitable for pharmacies, hospitals, home and sports. PLASTOD produces under its own trademark and its customers' brand, supplying some of the most prestigious pharmaceutical companies and distributors in Italy and world-wide. The whole production cycle takes place at Plastod's plant, under a certified quality system in compliance with international standards and European Rule on medical devices. Final production steps take place in "clean rooms" under controlled particles and microbial contamination condition, an essential requirement for products to be sterilized. An assigned batch number identifies each single item through all production steps, ensuring its complete traceability from raw materials to the final supplied product. The complete control of production procedures guarantees the correct manufacturing and the highest safety for final users.