Company Profile About us The pit - cup GmbH is since 1991 a manufacturer of software for building services engineering, facility management and VDI3805. With a national and international distribution network as well as four offices in Germany, we are always a competent and reliable partner for our customers. Our portfolio With a combination of our CAD and FM software you have a complete planning and management tools for buildings and technical equipment available. Starting from constructing a building model and the calculation of heating and cooling load of the building model through the design of building services equipment to the region, area and facility management, building incidental supported by our software in your work. The VDI3805 program group provides product manufacturers in the technical building equipment, a comprehensive tool for collecting data for VDI3805. The users have to place this data in the CAD available. Target group • pit - Kliniken for hospitals, medical centres and healthcare facilities • pit - CAD for engineering firms, exporting firms and building owners • pit - FM for developers, municipalities, industrial plants, hospitals, banks and insurance companies, FM service providers • pit - VDI3805 TGA for product manufacturers and operators involved in planning and References St.-Johannes Hospital Dortmund, AKH Linz, Bezirkskrankenhaus Kufstein, BBW Berufsbildungswerk Leipzig Branches hospitals, medical centres, healthcare facilities, industry, facility management provider, building industry, administration