Phonetics Inc

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SENSAPHONE designs and manufactures the most comprehensive line of remote monitoring systems available to safeguard your property. Our remote monitoring systems report critical data to you wherever you are and whenever you need to know. We developed the first SENSAPHONE systems twenty years ago to fill a need in the industrial market: No device existed that adequately monitored conditions at remote sites. Individuals and industries needed the ability to identify critical variations in conditions when no one was on hand to observe them directly. Even the very first SENSAPHONE systems met those needs. They quickly and reliably dispatched critical information to personnel and/or higher-level systems. Today our entire family of monitoring and control systems ensure that environmental and process conditions in remote sites never turn into a disaster. More than that, they provide a far broader range of features and applications for users to choose from—at an affordable price. Home owners can monitor their vacation homes or vacant houses for security with our model 400 product.For industrial users we offer SENSAPHONE models that not only monitor their remote sites and processes, but also control processes, open and shut valves and circuits, display real-time monitoring, or even post current conditions on a web page that their staff can access from anywhere. Our IMS Solution systems expand SENSAPHONE monitoring to the world of networks and IP devices, offering true scalable infrastructure monitoring. SENSAPHONES meet every communication need, too. They not only phone in alarms, they also page, send faxes, and e-mail. Systems also offer customizable voice messages, data radio and cellular communication, data and event logging, and SNMP alarm notification. We hold three patents for unique remote monitoring methods and continue to stay at the forefront of technical innovation. All engineering functions, including hardware and software design, circuit board layout and assembly are performed at the SENSAPHONE facility in Aston, Pennsylvania.