'PHOENIX Medical Equipment S.A.' is a privately-owned company, established in 1998 with the take-over of a small medical equipment manufacturing company, which was in business in Thessaloniki since 1975.

Our initial business plan was to develop our manufacturing capabilities by investing in technology, know-how and human resources, a fact which in combination with the lower costs associated with our being based in Greece, would allow us to offer "North European" quality products at "South European" prices. 

Having set strong foundations for achieving our initial goals, we now aim even higher welcoming the challenge of expanding further, beyond the limits of the Greek market. 

In order to actively promote our products in the Global marketplace, we already work closely together with European and Japanese multi-national corporations.

 Through these collaborations, we have managed to place our products in several hospitals in the Middle East, North Africa and even as far as Central America, usually as part of 'turn-key' projects.

At the same time, we strive to achieve independent penetration of individual markets by recruiting local, competent firms in different countries all over the world, to act as our local distributors in their dedicated markets.