Since our founding by Leonard and Stella Sciarrino 46 years ago in Brooklyn, New York, Petlift has been on the forefront in the pioneering of grooming equipment. From the start, our goal has always been to design and fabricate equipment that will make a professional groomer's job easier. At the same time, we continue to remain focused on providing the highest degree of quality.

Recently we had the opportunity to partner with another company that shares our common goals and drive for excellence. S & B Metal Products has been an industry leader in custom sheet metal fabrication for over 40 years. Together with our knowledge in the animal care industry and their expertise in the manufacturing of sheet metal products, we have come together to form the new company Petlift S & B Manufacturing.

Our company was conceived with a specific mission in mind to provide products that are specially designed to enhance the quality and performance of the groomer and veterinary professionals. This we have accomplished through years of working very closely with professionals in the field. We have taken their ideas and suggestions and incorporated them into our designs. All this we have done to make the most efficient and effective products on the market today. In a sense you could say that our products have been developed by you, the animal care professional.

Petlift S & B Manufacturing is very proud of our achievements over the years. Having created a full line of tables and tubs that have been both award winning and recognized throughout the industry is something in which we take great pride. We have worked hard to bring the most innovative and durable products to the market and are proud to say they are made in the U.S.A. We will continue to strive to be the company that you trust and rely on for all of your equipment needs.