It was the 1960's - Beatlemania swept the world and mankind was just about to place its first foot on the moon. Although, if you were in need of a basic wheelchair, it was not assured you could drive it both outdoors and inside your home. Per Uddén was driven by a tremendous passion to find new solutions to the problems he encountered in his work as a doctor. Together with engineer Bo Engman, he formed a team with the perfect collection of innovative thinking, patient focus and skilled engineering that would make history in the rehabilitation industry.

In the beginning, the team had no actual skills in constructing electric vehicles. But with the help of telephone lessons in mechanics, electronics and endless creativity, they wrote the first chapter in the saga of Permobil.

The creativity, curiosity and humanitarian outlook that characterized Per Uddén and his work created the foundation that Permobil rests on today. While growing the company, Per always kept an eye on and hired, people with just that, enthusiasm and internal creative power. It is because we maintained that initial philosophy that Permobil currently has close to 1000 employees around the world with its headquarters still in Timrå, Sweden.