PCL, Inc. PCL's proprietary SG Cap™ is a disruptive technology that brings a paradigm shift to the study of molecular interactions by increasing the sensitivity and specificity of diagnostic assays. PCL offers three categories of products based on its SG Cap™ technology and its resulting SolB™reagent: blood-based multiplex diagnostic tests; research reagents and tools; and drug discovery R&D services. PCL's SolB™ reagent forms a porous 3D gel matrix that can immobilize 100X more protein than existing 2D options. Large amounts of molecules are captured in their natural conformation, in an active orientation, and without the need for affinity-tag modifications. Because molecules are “captured” instead of bound or anchored, many more immobilized functional groups and epitopes are biochemically available to interact with targets. Applications for SG Cap™ include target identification during drug discovery, and elucidating relationships in antigen-antibody and protein-aptamer pairs. PCL, Inc, is headquartered in Seoul, S. Korea, and Boston, USA.