Company PAVIS is a leading-edge company at national and international level in the field of orthopaedic aids and abdominal support belts. PAVIS was set up at the end of the 60s, growing out of a textile company that had been working since before the 40s in the corsetry sector.It began production of articles for abdominal support and patented a hernia support garment, using a specifically developed material. Over the years, PAVIS has expanded its range of orthopaedic products with “Wellness Line”: post-operative abdominal belts, braces and corsets.Following dedicated research in the mid 90s PAVIS added “New Edge Line”: state-of-the-art articulation braces, again using patented materials and technologies. During these years PAVIS begins the distribution in Canada, expanded in USA and at the same time through European countries. At the end of 2004 PAVIS became a joint-stock company.