About Us “All Panagene members are committed to do their best to achieve our goals to become a leading company in molecular diagnostics and novel biomaterials.” Panagene Inc., since it’s foundation in 2001, has been focusing on peptide nucleic acid (PNA) to be used for bio-drugs and molecular diagnostics that would be a central platform technology of the post-genomic era. Our patents on monomers and methods for large scale synthesis of PNA oligomers have been recognized by the inventors of PNA to grant us a worldwide exclusive license for custom PNA synthesis. We currently supply our customers with all types of custom PNA oligomers and monomers who work at thousands of academic and research institutes in the world. Recently, we have developed and commercialized PANArrayTM, a PNA-based microarray for the first time. PANArrayTM has shown various advantages of superior binding affinity to DNA or RNA and chemical stability as developed under our own FLASH technology. PANArrayTM provides very clean images without ambiguity with shelf life over years. We are currently working on expanding our custom PANArrayTM arrays for application in molecular diagnostics for humans, animals, plants, fishes and microorganisms. Panagene will continue to work hard for development of new PNA-based drugs and fusion with information technology and enhance its position as a pioneer of the leading industry.


54, Techno 10-ro, Yuseong-gu,
305-510 Daejeon, Korea
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