PCI Gases - Oxygen Generators PCI is a global leader in the design and manufacture of on-site oxygengenerators for the healthcare industry. Based on existing technology used in its aerospace-and-defense medical oxygen generators, PCI developedDOCS (Deployable Oxygen Concentration Systems),a commercial line of on-site oxygen generators. Our DOCS (Deployable Oxygen Concentration Systems) are the proven oxygen generators in disaster relief applications and mobile field hospitals (MFH). They are self-contained , easy to operate , and fully deployable systems that do NOT require installation . These FDA 510(k)-cleared medical devices generate and deliver USP-grade 93% ± 3% oxygen via a proprietary Vacuum Swing Adsorption (VSA) process. Hospitals from all over the world realize that on-site oxygen generation provides a highly reliable and economic solution for their oxygen requirements. Furthermore, the European acceptance of 93% oxygen for use in hospitals allows civilian and disaster-preparedness hospitals to consider these systems that eliminate the logistical issues associated with vaporized oxygen or cylinder supply. But, if need be, the DOCS can also be configured to fill cylinders for backup, peak, and remote oxygen requirements - inaddition to the direct supply to the hospital house supply line! Oxygen enrichment of room air has also proven to be valuable to people who need to work at altitudes of 4000 meters and higher. It especially benefits mountaineers, miners, pilots, astronomers, and other people in these types of professions who attest to the irrefutable fact that high altitudes affect a person's physical and mental performance and quality of sleep. For more information, please come visit us at our Booth #F47 in Hall 11 ! Downloads: PCI Gases - Advancing Air Separation Technology Medical Catalog


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