PS ELETTRONICA was founded in 2006  and with a  30 years business experience it is a reliable and qualified partner able to support customers from the choice of architecture to the implementation of the product, maximizing development time and reducing  the equipment  costs .

PS ELETTRONICA was built  with the express purpose of joining the leading manufacturers and suppliers of automatic equipments for electrophoretic analysis.

The company  implements a policy of documentation with a optimization process fully supported by all staff. Thanks to thirty years of experience in this filed,  our choices are focused on product quality and on the ability  to meet customer needs.

In this context we apply an overall policy management of the process that provides for the execution of the entire cycle of integration within our business structure and ensures us a great flexibility in design and production, as well as a direct control over the longevity of  the product.

PS ELETTRONICA drops in the medical field through a business with a complete line of own production. We  take full control of  products from the planning, to the design, to the implementation, using suppliers that have been selected for quality, innovation, product stability and flexibility in the approach to the market.

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